Can you ring church bells in the modern city?

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If your church could flip a switch and ring a carillon every day at noon, would it be a good idea? Or would it be better to have seven bells that you play by hand before and after actual services?

In the old world, bells announced to the community at large what was going on at its heart. Later, they took on timekeeping and musical functions. Today, though, even carillons mostly just remind non-believers of an institution that exists, for the most part, for itself and only within the temple.

So let’s think about the presence of your church— of the Church— not only within your neighborhood, but within society as a whole.

For instance, some churches set up their bells to announce the time every hour. So— is that because the church is society’s timekeeper? Do bells mean the same thing in a church as they do in a town hall?

We feel it’s high time that churches regained a sense of sacred time, and began to offer that to the city once more. People already know what time it is!

We’ll happily supply bell systems to clients who want them for timekeeping. But if you want your bells to announce a new beginning rather than the passage of time… that’s what we really want to help you with.

Church bells actually can help ignite the spiritual and social renaissance we desperately need. But they can do so only if we ring them authentically— that is, personally and by hand! That’s why we offer not just bells and architectural consulting, but training in the art of ringing them.

So if you’re wondering how to help people find their way not just to their next appointment, but to Him who welcomes us at the Dawn and End of time, get in touch with us!

Because it’s not about church bells— it’s about the Church’s bells!