What happens when you play bells in the modern world?

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You want to reach out and engage people, and that means you need to get on their wavelength. And you know that the experience and culture you create “around” the Truth you offer play a critical role in the way people respond to it.

So what happens when you play bells in the modern world?

Obviously, more than any other instrument, they project the presence of your church into the neighborhood. In the old world, that meant they simply announced to the community at large what was going on at its heart.

But today, they expose a community mostly found only within the temple to a society consisting largely of non-believers.

Thus in offering Russia’s premiere church bells, we’re inviting you to think about the presence of your church— of the Church— not only in your neighborhood, but within society at large.

We know of a church in Germany that has a beautiful set of bells in a bell-tower completely enclosed, so that only the people inside can hear the ringing, through a small hole in the ceiling.

We know of another church that frequently and enthusiastically plays 13 bells (including one of 3000 pounds) within 30 feet of the neighbor’s bedroom window. “Oh I love the bells,” she told us.

So, what experience can you create in your neighborhood around the Truth you offer?

We know that when real people make real music, the first response is always delight. The second is always listening.

isn’t that the response you were hoping for?